The Undesirables Project

On July 12th, 1917 in Bisbee, Arizona the mining companies and the Sheriff armed  over 2000 citizens and  rounded up 1,196 striking miners and their supporters, marched them to the  baseball park, loaded them onto cattle cars, and banished them to the desert of New Mexico.  The strike was called by the IWW . The workers were accused of being subversives, unpatriotic, and a threat to public safety.

 The Undesirables involved deep research,  gathering and making physical objects,  drawing, writing, publishing printed matter, video, projection, and live performance.


While working on the Undesirables Laurie became a collaborator in the film Bisbee ’17 (released in 2018) directed by Robert Greene.



Premiere Central School Project Bisbee July 14, 2017

 2018 - Cornelius Projects, San Pedro, Ca

 2019 - Tohono Chul Park Gallery Tucson, Az., 

 2019 - Arizona History Museum Tucson. Az. , 

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 Honored to receive support for current project Aggregate. Twenty-one artists and creatives have been awarded PandemiDiarios on the Border micro-grants to produce creative works reflecting on human experience of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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