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Rock – Paper – Fence 


From 2007 to the 2013 I worked on Rock Paper Fence- a project responding to and documenting fatal shootings of “rock throwers” by Border Patrol agents along the border.  The work involves extensive research into gun culture, racism, and the history of the security industry in the US.  It includes a gallery installation of 2-d work, interactive audio pieces, a performance, and the publishing of a miniature book. 

 Creating ROCK PAPER FENCE  (2007- 2013) is my act of resistance against being a passive spectator and a complicit citizen of the militarized US - Mexico border. It is a response to the larger threatening political culture that birthed the injustice of SB1070, racial profiling, and the xenophobic foundations of legislation from the Arizona statehouse which was quickly embraced by the nation.  One cultural stream that drove this project was the country celebrating the election of Barack Obama as a win against racism.  I found it difficult to feel that optimism as I was following and researching the murder of migrants by border patrol agents and knowing of  increased ICE raids and deportations. In my research I unearthed the history of the Wackenhut Company whose buses I was seeing every day.  They were running between detention centers and the border. I discovered that Wackenhut is the founder of private prisons.

This project documents the use of excessive force and abuse of power. It was started in 2007 as a simple search for details regarding a fatal shooting of an undocumented immigrant by border patrol agent. As I searched I found more and more shootings happened as I worked on the project. 


keywords:Borderlands, gun culture, immigration, xenophobia, human rights, security industry

2013  Exhibited at  Migrant Center, Agua Prieta, MX- pop up gallery show

2012  Installed at  Spirit Gallery, Bisbee, Arizona

A tiny book 2" x 3.5"  contact  me to order a copy

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