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the Undesirables Art Installation by Laurie McKenna

Performance/Presentation Options

1. A time based event with a start and end time. endurance: 1 hour  This includes video projection and spoken word. 

2. A video/audio loop is created that can run in the space Ideally on a large flatscreen.

3. No video or audio in the space.

4. A talk  in the space about the deportation and why I made what I made.


 2-D Elements:  

1. Penny Rubbings 16 cardboard  36” x 40”  panels rubbings mounted with map tacks

2. 12 unframed pieces 36” x 40” cardboard panels (media  cardboard, paper charcoal india ink, map tacks) 


Hanging requirements - Concrete walls would be problematic. drywall ideal for driving 4 nails for each piece.

1.Penny rubbings placed 2 panels high with 2 inches between each panel   

 Height:  8’

 Length 48’ feet wall space

2. Drawings

Height 4’

Length 38’ 


Wall space required above and below all the panels.


Printed Matter

4 pamphlets  about the deportation 



Pressed pennies 4 designs



rub a penny a ritual action

participants do their own rubbings

Rather than commemoration rubbings -- I think they are pledges. 

pledge to demand 

pledge to resist

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